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Tanssitunnit ja kehonhuolto pidetään yläkerran liikuntasalissa.

Stretching for Wellness
11.1. –25.4.
klo  20:00 –21:00 Oulunkylän liikuntapuisto

This class is held in English. In this class, we focus on the importance of stretching as a fundamental practice for physical and mental health through a series of gentle and fluid movements. During each session, you will be introduced to various stretching techniques that target different muscle groups, improve flexibility, promote relaxation and improve […]

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Contemporary dance / Nykytanssi
11.1. –25.4.
klo  19:00 –20:00 Oulunkylän liikuntapuisto

This class will be held in English. Contemporary dance is a very comprehensive and versatile dance form. It combines technical elements of several dance genres.   The class is suitable for both beginners and advanced dance enthusiasts.     Nykytanssi on hyvin kokonaisvaltainen ja monipuolinen tanssilaji, jossa yhdistyy useiden tanssilajien teknisiä elementtejä sekä useita erilaisia […]

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